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What does CSRD and ESRS exactly mean for your business?


What’s Happening

The European Commission’s new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) signals a significant shift in sustainability reporting practices. It mandates reporting for a wider range of companies, moving from voluntary to compulsory disclosure. This impacts companies of all sizes, from large corporations to medium-sized enterprises and supply chain partners.

This shift requires immediate attention and strategic planning to ensure compliance and seize the opportunities it offers. Essentially, the CSRD is not just about compliance—it’s about shaping the future of sustainable business practices in the EU. It presents an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, enhance their reputation, and stay competitive in an increasingly environmentally and socially conscious market.

What It Means for Companies

The CSRD broadens the scope of companies covered by sustainability reporting and transitions from voluntary to mandatory disclosure. Companies will now be held accountable for their sustainability efforts in a more transparent and standardized manner.

Utilizing the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) framework, companies will need to provide comprehensive and reliable sustainability information, ensuring consistency and comparability in reporting.

How We Can Support You

At ELFIN Consulting GmbH, we’re dedicated to guiding you through this transition. Our team of sustainability and communications specialists offers tailored support to enhance sustainability performance and ensure compliance with the new reporting regulations. From analysis to implementation, we’re here to help your company prepare for the CSRD.

Reach Out for More Information

For further details on how we can support your company in complying with the CSRD and maximizing the benefits of sustainable reporting, reach out to Dr. Michael Kühnen or  Cansu Gedik.

And don’t forget to download our comprehensive CSRD Guide for a deep dive into the changes.