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ELFIN Consulting – Organizational Life Cycle Assessment (2022)

Each billed consulting hour led to 0.93 kg of CO2 emissions. How do we know this?

We’ve taken a deep dive into understanding the environmental impacts of our immaterial consulting services through a comprehensive Organizational Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Key Findings

Here’s a sneak peek at some key findings:

  • Each billed consulting hour led to 6.3 m³ of water consumption or 0.93 kg CO2 emissions.
  • Each employee’s overall work in 2022 potentially:
    • Affected human life quality across the life cycle by 82.2 micro Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALYs), which equal the sum of years of life lost (YLLs) and years lived with disability (YLDs) resulting from impacts of emissions of harmful substances having effects on human health.
    • Damaged ecosystems by 34 milli species-years, expressed as the Potentially Disappeared Fraction of species over one square meter and during one year caused by emissions of harmful substances.
    • Impacted resource availability by 38,447 €, which quantifies the future costs for extraction of resources as a consequence of current depletion.

Our commitment doesn’t stop here!

For the next iteration, we’re expanding our LCA to include circularity and social metrics, aiming for a more holistic understanding. Expect innovative approaches to assess both ‘negative footprint’ and ‘positive handprint’ impacts.

These insights will shape our internal sustainability/ESG strategy, identifying hotspots and guiding improvement measures.

Reach Out for More Information

For further details on how we can support your company in getting its LCA, reach out to Dr. Michael Kühnen or  Cansu Gedik.

And don’t forget to download our comprehensive 2022 LCA Report.